We calculate your baseline carbon emissions in minutes



You check savings from recommended solar, EVs, heatpumps



Share your business case with a clear reduction plan

How Gopher works

We don't just help you keep the score on net zero, we work with you to show you tech that saves you money. Pick your route and we'll set out your business case and show it plotted on a carbon reduction plan.

Tackle net zero and start making savings today


Use energy data insights to cut waste


Check payback for your patterns


Find clean tech that's right for you


Flex your demand to get lower costs


Impartial recommendations


Empowering you towards net zero

Tap an image to find out more

Tap an image to find out more


Plot solar on your roof with our mapping tool and we’ll estimate the cost to install, how much energy you would use on-site and how long before it pays back

Explore batteries

We'll check if you'll get the right boost from storage to maximise your solar when the sun has gone down.

Smart energy

We'll introduce you to smart green tariffs that reward you for using off-peak (no problem when you’ve got solar and a battery)

Compare EVs

From your mileage and journey types, we can match you to an ideal vehicle model and battery size for maximum convenience at minimum cost.


Home, work or on the go, how you charge has a big impact on the overall cost of switching. We’ll find you the best options.

Flex rewards

Once you’re in control of your energy, you can start to profit from shifting demand. Your carbon footprint will fall as fast as your energy costs.