What does signing up to Go for Zero mean for drivers?

Go for Zero works using location data the app sends data back to us during the given working hours, just like a telematics device.

To start collecting useful data, we ask drivers to:

  • Have a smartphone with you during the working day
  • Sign in using a trusted social sign-in, like Apple ID, Google or Facebook, this keeps your data secure.
  • Consent to record journey data within working hours.
  • The app will record basic journey data on a 'set and forget' basis, but it's great if you check in from time to time, to see the impact of payload and temperature or location of rapid chargers.

You can use the app to check how your day-to-day journeys would be affected by switching to an electric vehicle, including the impact of heavier payloads and winter temperatures.

What if I'm not driving my work vehicle?

Go for Zero works during your normal working hours, which were set when your employer first signed up. If you'd like to stop or start recording, you can do so in the app. If you need to delete a journey that you've recorded by mistake, you can do this from the app, or your employer can do it from the dashboard.

What happens to my data?

Your driving data is used to calculate the real cost and environmental benefits of switching to an EV based on your businesses needs and charging potential. Go for Zero also highlights how often you may need to charge an EV during your working day and the location of chargepoints along your routes.