Going electric can seem complicated. Go for Zero is a free online platform that supports small businesses thinking about going electric. We use data from your driving patterns today to build a picture of your transition to electric. Sign up to find the perfect vehicles for you and see accurate costs of switching.

1. Enter a few details

To get started, we just need a few details about your business, current vehicles and the energy use.

Depending on the number of vehicles and drivers working for you, it takes up to 20 minutes to set up your business.

Check our database of electric vehicles to see what electric small vans, medium vans and LGVs are out there.

2. Explore electric vehicles

For each vehicle, our matching tool will help you find an appropriate electric model to start checking your journeys against.

  • Explore vehicles by size
  • Filter by features
  • Compare upfront costs
  • See basic vehicle stats

This is the EV you'll see simulated in the app as you drive around. Once your dashboard is ready, you can check if a different vehicle would work better.


3. Invite drivers

When you are ready, we'll send your drivers an invite to download a free journey tracking app from the Apple or Google Play store. The app sends data back to us during their working hours, just like a telematics device. Read more driver FAQs

Drivers can check how their day-to-day journeys would be affected by switching to the electric vehicle selected, including the impact of heavier payloads and winter temperatures.

Check your journeys - not just the miles per day, but impact of heavier payloads and winter temperatures.

4. Check charging

The journey data collected is only part of the picture. We also build in your likely charging behaviour. The cost per mile of an EV can vary hugely depending on when and where it is charged.

A few more details help us:

  • Details about the depot or work location, (eg. number of car parking spaces, power supply)
  • Exploring the potential for onsite solar (optional)
  • Charging options at the overnight location of each vehicle

Businesses can compare electric vehicles, to see the convenience and the cost implications for their journeys.

5. See switchability and savings

Check back after a few weeks to see your dashboard:

  • Overall score for electric suitability
  • Electric suitability score for each vehicle
  • Total cost of ownership of current vehicle (editable)
  • Total savings from going electric
  • See the impact of various EV models on cost and charging patterns